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Alpine Road, Springfield

Established in 1906

Established by Hazrat Shah Ghulam Muhammad Soofie in 1906. Read more


Imam Jaweed Soofie Nizami Habibi

Shaykh Imam Hafez Habeeb Soofie

Service to Community

Continuous support and service to the community for upliftment through various projects


Hazrat Soofie Saheb (R.A) built 13 Masjids over a period of 15 years in Southern Africa. A rare feat which has culminated in serving the needs of a large population of Muslims, both in and around South Africa. It inspires me to have witnessed each one of these Masjids developing in the passed 5 decades. Heart warming is the fact that each of these Masjids have developed a character that is reflective of the communities that they serve.

With regard to the Astana at Springfield established in 1906, I have seen the development of the infrastructure, the enhancement of the spiritual needs of the community, as well as the progress made in serving the communities’ education and daily needs.


In the midst of desolate wilderness, a little musjid was established by His Eminence, Hazrat Hajee Shah Ghulam Mohammed Soofie Siddiqi (R.A.). The area was ...
In the galaxy of Tasauwwuf or Islamic Spiritualism, several stars shed brilliant splendour in the Muslim world. These Sufis, Mystics, friends of Allah are revered ...
The following are some ahadith relating to status of parents: “If anyone visits the grave of his parents, or of one of them, every Friday ...

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Salaah Times

May 26, 2024

18 Dhū al-Qa'da 1445

Esha Iqamah

10:15 pm

1 Hours 31 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fijar4:29 am 5:25 am
Sunrise5:58 am
Zohar1:17 pm 1:45 pm
Asar5:11 pm 6:30 pm
Maghrib8:34 pm 8:40 pm
Esha10:05 pm 10:15 pm

Juma Azaan: 12:15

Community Projects

Hamper Distribution
Annual event with 3000 food hampers distributed to the needy. Clothing, Shoes, Toys also distributed
Dawah Dynamics
Learning Programme and distribution of Food, School Uniforms, Stationery, Ladies Toiletries, Milk Powder
Jumuah Langar (Feeding)
Weekly event with 4 degs dhall and Rice feeding.
Eid ul Adha (Qurbani)
Annual event with 600 sheep and 4 Bulls for qurbani as well as distribution to the needy.

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