Hazrat Soofie Saheb (R.A) built 13 Masjids over a period of 15 years in Southern Africa. A rare feat which has culminated in serving the needs of a large population of Muslims, both in and around South Africa. It inspires me to have witnessed each one of these Masjids developing in the passed 5 decades. Heart warming is the fact that each of these Masjids have developed a character that is reflective of the communities that they serve.

With regard to the Astana at Springfield established in 1906, I have seen the development of the infrastructure, the enhancement of the spiritual needs of the community, as well as the progress made in serving the communities’ education and daily needs.

Those associated with the Astana will bear testimony to the success of the Meelaads, Urs and other daily activities held. However, none of this could have been achieved without the blessings of the Almighty Allah and the sadqa of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) together with the karam of the Buzrugh Gaan-e Deen. I welcome Hafez Habeeb Soofie and Sarfaraz Ahmed Soofie as trustees to the Habibia Soofie Darbaar—Springfield.

I would like to express that my inspiration derived from my late father Hazrat Shah Noor Muhammad Soofie. He was a tower of strength and always gave our family his untiring effort and support that we so needed to carry out the functions and activities of this Astana. May Allah be pleased with my father who has continued the tradition of this Darbaar as providing a spiritual haven for all.

Special thanks to my brother, Imam Khalid Soofie Chishti Nizami Habibi who stood side by side as we began our journey, inspired by our father, Hazrat Shah Noor Muhammad Soofie Chishti Nizami (R.A). Today Imam Khalid inspires Muslims at the newly built Masjid at Palmview, Phoenix. May the Saaya of Khwaja Habib (R.A), Hazrat Soofie Saheb (R.A) and my Murshid-e Kamil Hazrat Ahsan Pasha Habibi continue to protect and inspire us so that the chiragh of the Habibia Silsila shines brightly giving light of Taqwa and Hifazat to one and all.

Hazrat Shah Muhammad Javed Soofie Chishti Nizami Al- Habibi
13 April 2006 | 14 Rabiul Awwal 1427 A.H

Alpine Road Centenary Brochure 1906-2006